Discover the best tool for solving problems of E-mail marketing.

E-mail newsletter

  • Mailing templates

    Allows re-use of templates, bulk mail, which greatly simplifies the Manager's job.

  • Scheduled email distribution

    You can plan the distribution at a certain time and automate the process.

  • Digest newsletter

    Huge and convenient functionality to manage the digest mailings, allowed to publish Your website and send the digest newsletter to subscribers of Your website.

  • Calendar planning

    Reflects in the form of archive conducted promotional campaigns / newsletters, as well as the ability to manage scheduled mailings.

  • Automatic e-letter

    The ability to customize autoresponder and trigger emails for events (subscription to the newsletter, open letter, go to the link, add to cart, etc.).

  • Black lists

    The platform automatically filters out the non-existent E-mail addresses in a separate database.

  • Personalization

    The ability to personalize the message using special tags.

  • Segmentation

    Contains flexible settings segmentation of contacts for the future organization of targeted mailing.

  • Statistics and reporting distribution

    Detailed statistical information, the number of delivered and read messages, clicking on links inside of emails, number of replies, number of errors in delivery, location of recipients, etc.

    Additional features

  • Multilingual email newsletter

    Allows you to create a newsletter segmented by the language of the recipient.

  • The division into domains

    The possibility of working platforms under multiple domain names, different groups of projects.

  • Integration API

    Possibility of integration via API.

Creating Templates

  • Online designer letters

    Fast creation of a branded email template from a set of building blocks, contains a wide range of tools to form a unique pattern.

  • Upload your own templates

    The ability to upload ready-made template with available Internet resources and to download a template prepared by You according to your design.

  • Use ready-made templates for Your letters

    Large selection of professional design templates for Your newsletters.

  • A collection of images

    More than 20,000 themed images and over 5,000 images on the subject of business and advertising.

Internal CRM system

  • The division into groups

    A convenient separation of the work platform with the company's projects for lines of business.

  • Contact database

    Allows you to control each contact, and use of internal CRM system for tracking and monitoring real data of the contact, and its behavior in various campaign mailings.

  • Dynamic contact fields

    Allows you to configure the internal CRM system, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Import contacts

    Allows you to upload contacts from an Excel file in a contact database.


  • The role of access

    The distinction of work Your managers into sections and groups of projects. Flexible system to create the required roles.

  • The action log Manager

    Detailed information about the actions of Your managers in the system.

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