Discover the best tool for solving problems of E-mail marketing. Pay just once and do a mass mailing without restriction.

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Pay once and for all

Unlimited number of contacts

Trigger and mass mailing

Detailed statistics and reporting

The security of your data

Use without restrictions

SENDSIMPLE - convenient platform for mass email distribution.

Many companies provide services with user limit: limit the amount of insertion of the contacts, limiting the number of E-mail messaging, limit time of use of the resource. By purchasing our platform, You will get rid of all restrictions, getting the product in personal use forever. Thus You save your time and money!

Email marketing with platform SENDSIMPLE

User-friendly design

Easy-to-understand interface that meets all modern trends of web design.


The ability to connect their CRM system or a web application to automate email marketing.


Preliminary testing, additional features, an individual approach.


Use without restriction in the number of mailings, database, time limits, moderation.


The platform is fully installed on your server, without the need for additional third-party services.


Our technical support will help to understand the system and answer all Your questions.

Platform SendSimple solves all the problems in the field of E-Mail newsletters.

The direction of the "E-mail marketing" is gaining popularity as a convenient tool to promote your business and increase sales. Your business will be more successful with a tool that completely solves all the problems associated with E-Mail marketing. You can easily create a mailing list, prepare promotional material, to quickly accomplish a personalized newsletter and immediately to evaluate the efficacy of the promotion.


  • Planner mailing lists
  • Digest email newsletter
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • A convenient constructor of letters
  • Ready and free letter templates
  • Calendar planning
  • Multilingual e-mailing
  • Import database of subscribers
  • Integration API
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Additional features

Technical support

Our team of highly skilled professionals will help You:

  • To deal with platform
  • To configure Your server for the platform
  • To configure platform to Your needs
  • To import your data into the system
  • To answer all Your questions
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